Elements™ Pole Mount

Pole Mounting System for Elements Series Speakers


The Elements™ Pole Mount System is a simple and straightforward pole mounting solution for the Peavey® Elements Series speaker. With its customizable angle adjustment, it can support installations in a wide range of locations.

Features Elements Pole Mount

• UV rated silk screening for easy to see adjustments

• All stainless steel hardware

• Built in alignment system

• Built in tensioning system

• Adjustable both horizontally and vertically

• Downfire and Upfire positioning

• Capable of post installation re-tensioning without dissassembly

Additional information


Net Weight

12.2 lbs (5.54 kg)

Product Height

15.83" (402 mm)

Product Width

6.46" (164 mm)

Product Depth

14.60" (371 mm)