Peavey Commercial Audio® Announces New UK Sales Strategy

Peavey Commercial Audio® announces that moving forward, the company will handle its own sales and consulting for its commercial audio division in the United Kingdom. These core functions were handled previously by the company’s UK distribution partner, Barnes &...

MediaMatrix® Announces EN54-16 Certification for nCIE PILOT® control PC and NION® Series DSPs

MediaMatrix® is pleased to announce that its NION® Series of digital signal and control processors (DSPs) and nCIE PILOT® control PC are now certified by the EN54-16 European Standard. These components form the nucleus of a dynamic VACIE system (Voice Alarm Control...

MediaMatrix® Launches nCIE PILOT® Industrial-Grade PC for Life-Safety VACIE Systems

Reliable control and monitoring is everything  in mission-critical life-safety systems, and the new nCIE PILOT® from MediaMatrix®,  is an industrial-grade PC that’s built for the challenge. Tested and certified to the EN54-16 European Standard, the nCIE...

Peavey Commercial Audio® Heads to ISE 2020 to Set Tone for Big Year of Innovation

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio® is setting the tone for a big year of innovation by gearing up for Integrated Systems Europe, ISE 2020, the world’s largest AV and systems integration show. From Feb. 11-14 at the RAI...

Houses of Worship

Peavey Commercial Audio is here to make sure your message is heard. From the complex acoustic requirements of an old, historic church building through to the full performance requirements of large, modern worship venues, we have decades of experience and the right...


Peavey Commercial Audio is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of audio hardware. With over 50 years of professional audio product design and manufacturing experience, the Peavey Commercial Audio product range is specifically engineered for professionally integrated audio and control applications. Including all elements of the signal chain, from microphones to processors to mixers and power amplifiers right through to loudspeakers, all supporting universal 110V-250V power requirements, Peavey Commercial Audio products are specified into in the world’s most prestigious venues and installations worldwide.

Peavey revolutionized the audio industry in 1993 with MediaMatrix, the world’s first digitally configured and controlled distributed audio system. Today, MediaMatrix remains the most scalable, flexible and specified digital audio distribution and processing system, boasting more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

Peavey’s multi award winning products from input through output to control and monitoring continue to be the most specified and installed, relied on to perform without fault, with 24/7-365 reliability being an integral part of the world’s largest, most prestigious and identifiable landmarks.

Legendary for its powerful and reliable touring-class sound reinforcement tools, Crest Audio is a global leader in designing and manufacturing power amplifiers for live, commercial and networked sound systems, and a complete line of mixing consoles for live and installed audio markets.



Solutions To Any Application

Whether you’re looking to host a live event or provide coherent audio solutions for installations as diverse as hotels, transport hubs, performance venues, theme parks and more, Peavey Commercial Audio has the answer. Our vast range of products, from the industry-standard MediaMatrix DSP-based control and networking platform to Crest Audio’s powerful and reliable touring-class sound reinforcement tools, the PCA product range offers all the versatility and expertise required to build reliable, efficient, future-proof networked audio systems. 



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