Elements 112C 60X40



IP56 12″ Weatherproof Speaker









The Peavey Elements 112C 60X40 and Elements 112C 105X60 loudspeaker systems from Peavey Electronics provide unparalleled flexibility for permanent outdoor installations. The Elements 112C series systems are two-way speaker systems comprised of a 12” Water-Resistant Black Widow woofer and an RX22 2” titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn utilizing Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology. The Elements 112C speaker system has a trapezoidal shaped enclosure, which reduces the build-up of standing waves inside the enclosure, which minimizes mid-bass and mid-range coloration’s due to the cabinet. They are constructed of 12mm advanced technology composite fiber panels and are coated with a black Hammerhead poly-urea finish. An 18 gauge powder-coated perforated stainless-steel metal grille with an inner hydro-phobic cloth mesh, and a foam third layer protects the front of the system from external moisture and dust. A full set of twelve 3/8″-16 threaded mounting suspension points, 3 each top and 3 each bottom, and 2 each sides back is provided for flying and mounting, as well as three sets of 4) 1/4X20 SS inserts, the sets are located on the top, rear, and bottom for use with the Peavey Versamount 70+ and the Peavey Elements Pole Mount bracket.

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