nTouch™ 60

2.4″ OLED Touch Panel Controller


The nTouch™ 60 is a surface mount touch-screen controller for use with MediaMatrix® nControl™ products. It features an international mounting system that allows it to be mounted to a standard one gang NEMA box or other international backboxes. When the nTouch 60 is used with the nControl, all the advanced design and control capabilities of NWare™ Kiosk are available. The nTouch 60 features an OLED display with a resistive touch-screen and a rotary encoder.

Features nTouch 60

• Touch screen user interface

• Touch-sensitive, rotary control knob for fine adjustment of settings

• Finger or stylus can be used to interact with applications

• Managed from within NWare

• Easy connection and installation

• One-gang NEMA mount (fits US, UK, European and Australian NEMA wall boxes)

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power supply options

• Low power requirements

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