ISM 5TX Black



5″ 2-Way 70v/low Imp Speaker







The ISMTM 5t is a small format 2-way speaker system that is perfect for any application from foreground music to speech reinforcement. The ISM 5t has a hi-fi sound character with good clarity, which is ideal for music systems in bars, taverns, arenas, lounges, arcades or anywhere multi-channel, multi-speaker sound systems are required. This speaker utilizes a specially designed 5” woofer and a 1” polydome tweeter. The lightweight and rugged injection-molded cabinet is weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use. A curved black metal perforated grille provides driver protection and a professional appearance. The compact, lightweight package coupled with its smooth response makes this system ideal for the smaller venues where space is at a premium. The ISM-5t speaker system is rated at 80W program power handling. Spring-loaded terminal input connectors make hook-up extremely simple. Incorporation of a 70.7 volt line transformer with taps at 16W, 8W, 4W and 2W allow easy use with 70.7 volt distributed systems. The tap selector switch also has an 8 ohm input option, so the ISM-5t speaker system can be used with a direct connection to a power amp, providing unequaled versatility.

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