IPA 4250



Multi-Channel Mixer Amplifier






The Crest Audio® IPA™-4250 power amplifier is designed to connect quickly and easily to the Crest Audio PZS™-8250 powered zone mixer amplifier and provide four additional channels of efficient Class D audio amplification for the PZS-8250 output channels 5, 6, 7 and 8. The IPA-4250 can also be used as a standalone four-channel power amplifier using four electronically balanced line inputs.
The IPA-4250 includes an RJ45 jack on its rear panel to receive signals from channels 5 – 8 of the connected PZS-8250 via a single cable. Audio inputs can also be made to each channel via each of four electronically balanced line inputs with Euro-style connectors. Each of the four amplifier outputs can be configured individually for low-impedance (4-ohm), 25V, 70V or 100V constant voltage operation. The power amplifier section includes SPS speaker protection system circuitry and a highpass filter to protect speaker transformers from low-frequency overload.

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