nWall 2.0



CobraNet Input Wall Plate







The MediaMatrix nWall CobraNet Mic/Line input wall plate enables conversion from analog audio to CobraNet to take place at the wall. This eliminates long lines of analog audio cable between a conventional passive wall plate and the nearest control room rack. This solution eliminates complex rack patch bays, as patching can easily be achieved by changing the network path of each nWall interface. The nWall converts two channels of analog Mic/Line audio input into a CobraNet audio stream. The XLR connectors accept a +4dBu balanced audio signal and has three input sensitivities. The -26 and -56db settings automatically apply phantom power to the microphone. The 1/8″ input accepts a -8dBu signal and sums a stereo input to mono in that input channel. The nWall is designed to fit commonly available NEMA 2-gang backboxes. Applications would include Hotels/Hospitality suites, Convention Centers, Corporate Meeting rooms and Classrooms.

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