Florida House of Representatives, USA

Florida House of Representatives, USA

Category: Government

When the gavel sounds in the Florida House of Representatives, a MediaMatrix® NION® audio
system is ready to help the on-site techs manage the session’s demanding schedule through a
touch-screen interface developed in NWare™ Kiosk software.

Four NION n6 digital signal processors and sixteen CAB™ 8i audio bridges control and distribute
audio for the chamber’s 128 member microphones and the Speaker of the House—as well as
some AV components—through a 140-input by 16-output configuration.

NWare Kiosk, a version of the free MediaMatrix software for NION Series products, allows
installers to configure custom control interfaces for specific projects—and then send them to
laptops, iOS devices, or in this case, a 40-inch touch screen. With this in-depth interface, the on-site
techs at the Florida House of Representatives can control every facet of the audio system
on the fly, from turning microphones on and off to making level adjustments, all at a moment’s

“When the Speaker of the House recognizes a Representative, the audio guys have maybe
one second to turn on that person’s microphone,” said system designer and installer Les
Stephenson of MusicMasters in Tallahassee. “It’s a very demanding environment.”

The interface designed in NWare Kiosk also makes it easy to track a meeting or session. A tech
can search alphabetically for a representative’s name or simply touch the corresponding icon
on the screen to turn on or shut off that person’s microphone. Stephenson built the graphic
interface to allow system administrators to enter new names and makes changes as needed, as
well as handle other scenarios such as meetings that are run by numbers—one for each of the
128 seats.

The multi-speaker system is also configured in the NION environment, including zone
assignment, time alignment, crossover, EQ and more. The ability of the system to interface with
the chamber’s existing relays and TTL infrastructure was another important consideration in the