Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Dallas, USA

Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Dallas, USA

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Building strong customer relations has been a key factor in the success of Southwest Airlines,
so when the 40-year-old global company set out to redesign its corporate headquarters,
communications were a high priority. The extensive renovation encompassed several key areas
of the Southwest Airlines facility in Dallas, Texas, including the Executive Boardroom, Freedom Hall,
The Landing, and a matrix of training rooms—all configured and controlled by MediaMatrix®
NION® distributed digital audio systems.

Measuring 60 feet by 30 feet, the Executive Boardroom is the primary meeting location for
the company’s executive team. Beneath its visual amenities such as digital projection and
plasma displays is a MediaMatrix NION-based audio system programmed to mix and amplify
speech so that the farther away a speaker moves from the audience, the more of that person’s
voice comes out of the speakers. Such a sophisticated design guarantees speech clarity and

Freedom Hall serves as the main hub of internal and external communications, with a mix of
applications ranging from web-streamed employee meetings to press conferences with full
media support. MediaMatrix NION configures and controls the room’s audio system, including
60 push-to-talk microphones.

A network of seven presentation and training rooms can be used separately or joined, and can
also serve as overflow seating for Freedom Hall—even though they are not located adjacent to
each other. MediaMatrix can virtually combine or separate the rooms’ audio systems, allowing
Southwest’s team to achieve multiple purposes.

MediaMatrix NION is also the audio centerpiece of The Landing, a common area that overlooks
the Dallas Love Field runway. This large, open space is used as a cafeteria, a reception area for
flight attendant graduations, and other large functions.