nTouch™ 180HD

7″ Touch-Screen Controller


The new MediaMatrix® nTouch™ 180HD is a 180 mm capacitive touch screen controller which resides seamlessly within a NION® ecosystem.

The device runs both standard Kiosk and Kiosk2Go™ MediaMatrix GUI applications to cater for any situation and application.

In addition the nTouch 180HD provides co-processing capabilities within an NWare™ project as the device runs the nControl™ ConMan process, so all logic functions including Live Python scripts can be deployed to the nTouch 180HD.

With a clean modern design, sharp 16:9 high resolution display, control processing capabilities and flexible mounting options the nTouch 180HD provides the end user with a rich graphical user interface and control engine that can be tailored to any control requirement.

Features nTouch 180HD

• Sharp 16:9 ratio 7” diagonal high resolution display

• Responsive capacitive touch interface

• Flexible mounting options

• Silent convection cooled operation

• Universal external agency approved power supply

• Improved processor power and speed

• Robust industrial operating system

Additional information

Network Control


Front Panel Control


Input Connectors


Rack Mount (19")