ControlMatrix II Host



3U Paging Server






The MediaMatrix ControlMatrix II Host is the paging brain and server which seamlessly interconnects with MediaMatrix NION processors resulting in a scalable and smart paging ecosystem. One ControlMatrix Host provides connectivity for up to 16 paging stations and integrates with optional Courtesy Announcements, Signage, and Text-to-Speech modules.

ControlMatrix II is typically suitable for Theme Parks, Transportation Hubs, Stadia and other applications were multiple networked paging endpoints are required. Scheduling, store and forward record and playback, live paging, Text-to-Speech, Interconnection with FIDS (AODB) and more are all configured, monitored and managed by the ControlMatrix II Host.

PLEASE NOTE: ControlMatrix for Windows is NOT COMPATIBLE with older Q-Host, A-Host, and C-Host units.

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