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High Efficiency Touring Power Amplifer








Crest Audio CC Series amplifiers are designed to achieve unsurpassed sonic performance and long-term reliability under extreme stress in touring or fixed installation applications. Absolute sonic accuracy is the hallmark of every Crest amplifier. Bass is solid and defined to the limits of audibility with ample current reserves. Wide-bandwidth output devices ensure detailed, transparent high frequency response. And, thanks to Crest’s exclusive IGMTM circuit, the CC Series will drive 2Ω loads safely without compromising performance.

Designed for years of reliable, flawless operation under rigourous use. The CC Series amplifiers offer the sonic superiority and unsurpassed reliability for which Crest Audio is famous, while remaining surprisingly compact. Advanced technology and extensive protection circuitry allow operation with greater efficiency into difficult loads and power conditions. Each assembly is pre-tested, and the assembled CC receives a rigourous “hot room” burn-in before thorough final checkout on precision test equipment.
CC 5500 Features
• Toroidal power transformer
• Dual, variable speed fans on CC 2800, CC 4000, and CC 5500 single fan on model CC 1800
• Balanced XLR inputs
• Speakon and 5-way binding post speaker outputs
• Mode selector switch for stereo, parallel and bridged-mono operation
• Input sensitivity selection
• Recessed, stepped attenuators
• Front panel circuit-breaker switch

ACL (Active Clip Limiting) prevents speaker damage by providing gentle gain reduction when the signal approaches the clipping threshold.
IGM (Instantaneous Gain Modulation) monitors speaker loads to detect conditions that may overstress output devices. This allows safe operation into nominal 2Ω speaker loads.
AUTORAMP gradually increases gain to the attenuator level settings when the amplifier is turned on. This prevents abrupt turn-on level.
Other protection features include: short circuit, DC voltage, comprehensive thermal management and current in-rush turn-on/ off; transient sub-sonic input.

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