Keiluhollin Bowling Complex, Reykjavik, Iceland


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Keiluhollin is a state-of-the-art bowling complex which was recently opened in the heart of
Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. As well as its sizeable ten-pin bowling alley area, the 4,600 square metre facility also accommodates a restaurant, coffee shop and sports bar, each of which receives networked audio via the venue’s centralised 20-zone AV system, at the heart of which is Peavey Commercial Audio’s MediaMatrix.


Keiluhollin becomes the second major bowling complex to be opened in Reykjavik, but it’s by far the best, insists Jakob Kristinsson, whose company, ETOS, has kitted out both venues. For Keiluhollin, ETOS delegated a massive 800 hours of manpower for the design, spec, and installation, and deployed a total of 300 loudspeakers.


“In 2006 I installed a non-Peavey system into the other [bowling] venue, but now, seven years on, all three of the audio processors have broken down, so I knew I had to come up with a much more flexible solution this time round,” he explains. “It quickly became clear that the only system that would tick all the boxes was Peavey’s MediaMatrix: it’s extremely powerful; it’s reliable; and it was the only way we could guarantee perfect audio to the entire building.”


To cover the venue’s 20 ‘stereo plus subwoofer’ zones, two NION n6s were deployed along with CAB 16i and CAB 16o CobraNet breakout boxes to generate 96 analogue I/O (44 inputs and 52 outputs). 20 Crest Audio CC amplifiers were used to generate the required 64kW of power.


“With NION, you have almost endless possibilities in terms of I/O expansion: you just add on a unit, which is what we did with the CABs; also, the processing power is simply fantastic; I don’t know another system that could have dealt so easily with 20 stereo zones and subwoofers,” he continues. “I’m also really impressed with the Crest Audio [CC] Amps. They’re running really well, they don’t get hot, and they also look nice, which is quite unusual for an amp!”


In addition to the overall Crestron system, Kristinsson was required to supply a backup control system which included several of Peavey’s flexible nTouch 180 and nTouch 60 touch screen controllers.


“I’m glad to say, the MediaMatrix nTouch series is easy to configure and very intuitive,” he says, “and personally it was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with the product.”


The Crestron controller, the NIONs, and the Crest amps all talk over Ethernet on the same network. Aliases were created within the NIONs for each of the 20 zones (as well as every function), and were then handed over to the Crestron programmer who incorporated them into his programming modules.


“It’s very easy to raise the volumes or change the source anywhere within the building; all the things that you need to be able to do, you can do, thanks to this MediaMatrix system,” Kristinsson adds. “We also made Kiosk controls for the NION in two areas of the project, which work very well.”


The project was completed over a two-month period (June-Aug 2012) and everything went smoothly, Kristinsson says, though he admits he was a little nervous as to how things would turn out at the beginning, given the fact that it was his first NION project.


“You never quite know how it will go when you adopt a new product—it always feels like a bit of a gamble; but after putting faces to names when visiting the Peavey guys for a MediaMatrix Training Seminar, we were totally reassured,” he says. “The challenge was always going to be sorting out the configuration of the system, but the Peavey team helped us program the NIONs and the support in general that they provided throughout the project was second to none.”


And from an end user perspective, Keiluhollin’s manager, Agnar Fjeldsted, says he couldn’t be happier:


“The MediaMatrix system is a dream to work with; everything is so straightforward to use, and the quality of audio we have is just fantastic,” he enthuses. “We couldn’t ask for any more, really. It’s all easily accessible from our tech room, which makes workflow so simple; and I’m extremely happy overall with what we’ve managed to achieve.”


  • (2) MediaMatrix NION n6
  • (1) MediaMatrix CAB16i
  • (1) MediaMatrix CAB16o
  • (2) MediaMatrix nTouch 60
  • (1) MediaMatrix nTouch 180
  • (1) MediaMatrix GPIO-25
  • (5) Crest Audio CC1800
  • (6) Crest Audio CC2800
  • (9) Crest Audio CC4000