Qatar National Convention Center

Qatar National Convention Center

Located minutes from Qatar’s central business district in the heart of Education City, a global hub of ideas and innovation including elite universities, research and technology institutions, the new Qatar National Convention Centre is an unparalleled modern convention facility,
boasting iconic design and cutting-edge facilities in a world-first green-technology venue.

This world-class space—the first of its kind built to the gold certification of U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED)—features a distributed audio and video system anchored by MediaMatrix® that connects QNCC’s 431,000 square feet of exhibition hall, 52 meeting rooms and public spaces that span luxury lounges, hospitality suites, exhibition foyers, a 2,300-seat theater and three additional tiered auditoriums.

Such a varied-use complex required support for all manner of digital audio—everything from background music to broadcast—and every area needed central as well as local control capabilities. With 82 MediaMatrix NION® n3 processors and 91 CAB™ 4n units connected over
CobraNet, the audio enginners at QNCC can send audio to any location on the network. More than 150 miles of fiber optic cabling connect the outlying systems to a central room where the audio team can also monitor the condition and status of power amplifiers on the network.

“The MediaMatrix NIONs are the backbone of the system,” said Ahmed Abdel Kadar, projects engineer with Techno Q in an interview with Pro Audio Middle East. “They can combine the whole building so you can, for example, have one source and send it to any room.”

  • (82) MediaMatrix NION n3 processors
  • (91) MediaMatrix CAB 4n

Florida House of Representatives, USA

Florida House of Representatives, USA

When the gavel sounds in the Florida House of Representatives, a MediaMatrix® NION® audio system is ready to help the on-site techs manage the session’s demanding schedule through atouch-screen interface developed in NWare™ Kiosk software.Four NION n6 digital signal processors and sixteen CAB™ 8i audio bridges control and distributeaudio for the chamber’s 128 member microphones and the Speaker of the House – as well assome AV components – through a 140 input by 16 output configuration.

NWare Kiosk, a version of the free MediaMatrix software for NION Series products, allows installers to configure custom control interfaces for specific projects and then send them to laptops, iOS devices, or in this case, a 40 inch touch screen. With this in-depth interface, the on-site techs at the Florida House of Representatives can control every facet of the audio system on the fly, from turning microphones on and off to making level adjustments, all at a moment’s notice.

“When the Speaker of the House recognizes a Representative, the audio guys have maybe one second to turn on that person’s microphone,” said system designer and installer Les Stephenson of MusicMasters in Tallahassee. “It’s a very demanding environment.”

The interface designed in NWare Kiosk also makes it easy to track a meeting or session. A tech can search alphabetically for a representative’s name or simply touch the corresponding icon on the screen to turn on or shut off that person’s microphone. Stephenson built the graphic interface to allow system administrators to enter new names and makes changes as needed, as well as handle other scenarios such as meetings that are run by numbers – one for each of the 128 seats.

The multi-speaker system is also configured in the NION environment, including zone assignment, time alignment, crossover, EQ and more. The ability of the system to interface with the chamber’s existing relays and TTL infrastructure was another important consideration in the project.

  • (4) MediaMatrix NION n6
  • (16) MediaMatrix CAB 8i
  • (1) MediaMatrix AEC card

Aurora Theater, Georgia, USA

Aurora Theater, Georgia, USA

The Aurora Theater is known for bringing Broadway to Main Street in the Northeast Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, with repertory including the classics “A Chorus Line” and “Annie Get Your Gun,” and seasonal favorites like Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” When the lights go up, a Peavey Commercial audio system helps the company deliver world-class productions every night.

Housed in a modern performance theater designed as a wide, shallow room with high ceilings and balcony, the Aurora Theater is a prime use of the Versarray™ ribbon-loaded line array. Twin hangs of six Versarray 112 enclosures and one Versarray 218 subwoofer each flank the stage, providing 90 degree horizontal and 15 degree vertical coverage per cabinet. The line arrays are able to cover the substantial horizontal distance as well as target the upper seating area with articulate, ribbon-driven sound reproduction.

MediaMatrix® NION® n3 digital signal processors serve as the brains of the audio system. The NION units provide management and control for the Versarray, including essential functions such as crossover and equalization, as well as assigning delay characteristics and tailoring the response of system components to the room. A Crest Audio® HP™ Series mixing console handles a mix of microphone inputs and auxiliary audio sources – such as high-quality sound effects – that are stored on hard drives and other external devices.

Six Peavey® GPS® 3500 amplifiers provide power to the left mid, left sub, right mid and right sub area of the Versarray line array system, while three Peavey GPS 1500 power amplifiers are assigned to the high frequencies. In addition, a trio of Peavey Sanctuary Series® SA-4200™ power amps with built-in Auto Delay technology help set the proper delay time for the balcony fills, and deliver audio to public areas such as lavatories and stairways. The theater also uses a pair of Peavey PR® 15 enclosures as stage fills and a 16FX™ mixer in a rehearsal room.

  • (12) Versarray 112 line array enclosures, six per side
  • (2) Versarray 218 subwoofers
  • (2) MediaMatrix NION n3 processors
  • (2) Peavey PR 15 enclosures
  • (1) Peavey 16FX mixer
  • (1) Crest Audio HP Series mixing console
  • (3) Peavey Sanctuary Series SA-4200 power amplifiers
  • (3) Peavey GPS 1500 power amplifiers
  • (6) Peavey GPS 3500 power amplifiers

Beijing 2008 Olympics Use Crest Audio Power Amplifiers

Beijing 2008 Olympics Use Crest Audio Power Amplifiers

BEIJING — As the world’s top athletes compete in Beijing this summer, amplifiers from Crest Audio are helping power the 2008 Olympic Games.

A selection of eighty Crest Audio Pro 200™ Series amplifiers are in use at Beijing National Stadium, where they powered the opening ceremonies and other events.

Elsewhere during the Olympics, Peavey MediaMatrix NION audio processing systems are providing sound engineers with computer-controlled audio distribution and processing at Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, where the men’s USA Team will be led by NBA stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, and the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court, which will host world-class competitors such as Venus and Serena Williams.

With more than 1.8 million square feet, the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium has three underground floors and four floors above ground, with a total capacity for 18,000 spectators. MediaMatrix CAB™ 4n CobraNet break-out boxes convert the uncompressed digital CobraNet audio to analog audio and distribute it, while XControl® 4×4 remote panels bring intuitive and flexible control of paging and overall system management.

Both the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center, which seats 10,000 spectators, and equestrian events held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club also feature Peavey MediaMatrix NION audio distribution systems. In the Beijing Shooting Range Hall, a fully integrated MediaMatrix Miniframe™ II 180c serves as the main audio processing and distribution system.