Peavey Commercial Audio Appoints Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG as Distribution Partner for Germany and Austria

Peavey and Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Peavey Commercial Audio Appoints Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG as Distribution Partner for Germany and Austria

Meridian, MS – Peavey Commercial Audio® announces Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG as the new distribution partner for the German and Austrian markets. Trius is well positioned to advise customers and business partners throughout the region on the Peavey Commercial Audio product solutions best suited to their specific needs.

For more than 25 years, Trius has been the go-to company for a large number of brands seeking to establish a foothold in the German market.

Headquartered in Ibbenbüren, Germany, Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG has long provided a wide range of services in the areas of pro audio equipment and electronics. More recently, the company added professional AV technology to their overall product offerings, allowing Trius to effectively serve as a “one-stop shop” for many of its customers. The company views its partners as the primary focus of all initiatives, thus the Trius slogan, “…is more than distribution.”

“In Trius we found the perfect partner for Peavey Commercial Audio for Germany and Austria,” says Christoph Sesseck, Peavey Electronics EMEA sales manager. ” We are thrilled to partner with such an experienced and professional distribution partner. With more than 25 years of history, they hold close relationships with their customers which can now benefit from our leading brands MediaMatrix® and Crest Audio®.”

Kai Böckmann, MD at Trius, observes, “Christoph´s call came in just at the right time. We´ve been looking to close some gaps in our portfolio, such as professional power amplifiers and matrix systems. Peavey Commercial Audio with its brands Crest Audio and MediaMatrix are the perfect fit! Both very prestigious names with a long heritage and vast experience in the relative fields of technology. I consider it the icing on the cake Peavey just launched the all-new SCION DSP frames, another milestone for MediaMatrix – and Trius takes over distribution at the same time! What a great time for a start!”

Peavey and Trius Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Peavey Commercial Audio to be Distributed by Avenger ProAV in the UAE and Qatar

Peavey Commercial Audio to be Distributed by Avenger ProAV in the UAE and Qatar

Meridian, MS – Leading manufacturer of commercial audio hardware, Peavey® Commercial Audio will now be distributed across the UAE and Qatar territories by Avenger ProAV.

A relatively new organization driven by a combination of seasoned management and enthusiastic young professionals specializing in cutting-edge audio-visual, communications, and lighting technologies, Avenger ProAV will be representing Peavey Commercial Audio, Crest Audio®, and MediaMatrix® in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Avenger ProAV General manager Joseph Rebero has prior history with Peavey and Peavey Commercial Audio. “When we considered DSP [digital signal processing], MediaMatrix sprung to my mind first,” Rebero says.

Of the new collaboration, Avenger ProAV Product Manager Nikhil Rayaroth states, “Peavey Commercial Audio is a well-known name in the professional audio-visual market, and its most recent Media Matrix / Crest Audio solutions broaden the industry’s potential. They will be an excellent addition to our portfolio, and I am delighted to provide their solutions to our consumers.”

“We are delighted to be working together with Avenger ProAV in this exciting time for both companies,” adds Peavey Commercial Audio operations manager, James Kennedy. “The recent launch of our 3rd Generation MediaMatrix platform and ‘s’ Series ecosystem coincides nicely with Avenger’s ambition, vision, and growth in the UAE.”

Peavey Commercial Audio Selects Innovative Audio Solutions to Distribute in Saudi Arabia

PCA and Innovative Audio Solutions

Peavey Commercial Audio Selects Innovative Audio Solutions to Distribute in Saudi Arabia

MERIDIAN, MS – Peavey Commercial Audio® and Innovative Audio Solutions announce a new exclusive distribution partnership for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Well-established in the professional AV market, Innovative Audio Solutions is a diverse distribution and design business based in Riyadh, KSA uniquely positioned to effectively represent Peavey in the region.

An extension of Thomsun Group, UAE (est. 1976), Innovative Audio Solutions provides services meeting the needs of customers across a broad spectrum of audio requirements, from small-scale operations to the largest venues, making Peavey Electronics®, MediaMatrix®, and Crest Audio® ideal fits within its brand portfolio.

Upon its introduction in 1993, MediaMatrix revolutionized the audio industry, representing the world’s first digitally configured and controlled distributed audio system. MediaMatrix remains the most scalable, flexible, and specified option for digital audio distribution, processing, and control, providing operators the tools to configure and reconfigure audio and control systems in the most demanding environments, whether from a computer, touch screen, or mobile device. MediaMatrix serves the high-end audio market with the most powerful digital signal processors, software, and user-control tools for creating the most elaborate and advanced audio systems.

“With Saudi Arabia continuing its incredible journey with the Vision 2030 program, undergoing key economic transformations and unlocking enormous market opportunity, we are very excited to be working with Innovative Audio Solutions given their pedigree and traction in this ever-growing market,” says Peavey Electronics operations manager James Kennedy.

Innovative Audio Solutions sales manager, Ahmed Naufel adds, “We at Innovative Audio Solutions are extremely thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with MediaMatrix by Peavey Electronics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to this partnership and in its continued growth to new markets.”   

PCA and Innovative Audio Solutions

Peavey® Commercial Audio Joins RAVENNA Community

Peavey® Commercial Audio Joins RAVENNA Community

MERIDIAN, Miss. — Peavey® Commercial Audio (PCA) announces Manufacturer Partnership and Marketing Agreements with ALC NetworX in support of the RAVENNA streaming audio protocol and technology, the de facto “broadcast industry” open standard for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments.

Under the RAVENNA partnership, Peavey has developed “sNET” – a single IP-based network infrastructure technology which will work at the core of their future MediaMatrix products. sNET is based on RAVENNA, the broadcast industry’s de-facto AoIP standard, featuring low latency, fully synchronized signal transparency and highest reliability – all while ensuring broad interoperability through its compatibility with AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110 standards. This will start to blur [obliterate] the boundary between the commercial audio and broadcast worlds, paving the way towards seamless integration and interoperability between Peavey’s MediaMatrix solution and any IP-based broadcast application.

PCA’s General Manager Shayne Thomas stated “Adopting RAVENNA is part of our vision and roadmap to remain on the cutting edge of real time network audio streaming ensuring the highest level of lossless audio quality within MediaMatrix and Crest Audio products. With near on 30 years proven track record and being recognized as the Professional Audio industries leader of cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing technologies it is only fitting that we integrate RAVENNA as part of the support audio protocols in conjunction with MediaMatrix sNET™ – AES67 audio streaming, control and monitoring over Ethernet.”

Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, is very pleased to welcome Peavey to the RAVENNA community: “Peavey, with its Commercial Audio branch, is a world-leading manufacturer of network-based audio processing and distribution systems. Peavey’s decision to base their new sNET audio streaming protocol on RAVENNA technology demonstrates that RAVENNA’s core genes, originating from the most exacting demands of the broadcast industry, are a perfect match for the ever-growing requirements of the commercial audio industry. As an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy, RAVENNA is well positioned to provide system manufacturers like Peavey with the flexibility they need as IP-based technologies continues to infuse their core markets.


Crest Audio® Introduces Studio™ 2x2U Network Audio Interface with USB-C Connection

Crest Audio® Introduces Studio™ 2x2U Network Audio Interface with USB-C Connection

MERIDIAN, Miss. — Calling all aspiring artists ! Get ready to make your mark in the music industry with the Crest Audio Studio™ 2x2U.  Designed to bring out the best in your sound, this innovative USB-connected performance interface is the ultimate tool for creating Grammy-worthy music. With its seamless connectivity to your PC and DAW software via USB C, transform your ideas into professional-grade productions.  Capture every detail and unleash your creativity with its exceptional performance and versatile routing options.  Whether you’re recording your debut album or performing on stage, the Studio 2x2U is your ticket to success.  Step into the spotlight and let the world hear your talent with the Crest Audio Studio 2x2U.

Connectivity that Simplifies Setup

With the Studio 2x2U, we’ve prioritized ease of use with a thoughtful design. All I/O wiring is located at the back, controls and headphone jacks are conveniently placed at the front. This smart arrangement ensures quick & hassle-free setup, allowing focus on what matters most; making music.

Effortless Input Switching

Switching between Mic, Line, and Instrument inputs has never been easier. Individual input switching on both channels eliminates the need to constantly plug and unplug cables. Say goodbye to interruptions and keep your creative flow going while effortlessly capturing the perfect sound, whether recording vocals, guitars, or any other instrument.

Professional-Level Performance

Pro level input of +24dBu with a gain range of 64 dB ensures every nuance of your music will be faithfully captured. Selectable Professional and Consumer inputs allow +4dBu (NoM) / +24dBu (Peak) and -10dBV (NoM) / +12dBu (Peak), giving you flexibility in matching different audio sources. Individually switchable phantom power for each input ensures compatibility with a wide range of microphones.

Versatility for Live Performances

The Studio 2x2U’s +44dBu Line input allows for direct connection to backline loudspeaker drivers or 100-volt constant voltage loudspeaker circuits, making it an ideal companion for live performances.

Seamless Output and Monitoring

Take full control of your output and monitoring options with separate routing of all I/O to either Headphones or Line out gives you the freedom to customize your monitoring setup according to your preferences. Auto-mute feature on Line out automatically mutes your monitors if the mic input is accidentally routed, safeguarding your ears and equipment from unexpected loud feedback. With dual headphones out, both the talent and producer can listen to the same signal simultaneously, ensuring seamless collaboration. Additionally, the Studio 2x2U allows you to route any combination of input and output signals to left or right headphones and separately to left or right line out channels, providing unparalleled versatility for your monitoring needs.

Crest Audio® Unveils Enhanced ClimateGuard™ Series Speakers for Exceptional Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions

Crest Audio® Unveils Enhanced ClimateGuard™ Series Speakers for Exceptional Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions

MERIDIAN, Miss. — Crest Audio®, a subsidiary of Peavey Electronics®, proudly announces the launch of the new ClimateGuard™ series speakers. The ClimateGuard series offers enhanced weather-resistant features, ensuring optimal sonic performance even in the most demanding climates. With their IP56 rating, the ClimateGuard series composite speakers are fully waterproof, dust-protected, and capable of withstanding high heat and extreme sun exposure, resulting in extended longevity. Offering exceptional audio quality – Nature has never sounded better.

Crafted from an advanced composite material, the ClimateGuard series enclosures possess remarkable dimensional stability even in wet conditions and remain impervious to contamination, while retaining the resonant properties of wood. The Black Hammerhead™ polyurea finish adds an additional layer of protection, akin to high-grade truck-bed liner, effectively sealing the waterproof composite cabinet panels. On the front, a stainless-steel moisture-repellent grille, equipped with a hydrophobic water-repellent cloth, ensures dual-layer performance without compromising the speaker’s sound quality. The back features a gland nut entry into the water-sealed input cup plate, guaranteeing zero leakage where the speaker cable enters.

A peek inside the ClimateGuard series reveals a conformal coated crossover assembly, where all components and the PCB are mounted with a layer of plastic coating to insulate against moisture. The speakers and optional 70/100 V transformer connections employ waterproof automotive grade connectors. The advanced technology composite fiber panels boast a resilient construction, comprising a fiberglass-resin sheet skin on both sides and a foamed resin core, safeguarding against rot or degradation caused by time or exposure to the elements. Additionally, the water-resistant woofers feature a water-repellant dust cap that can endure prolonged direct contact with water.

The ClimateGuard series speakers are available in four two-way, full-range configurations, along with a flyable subwoofer. The compact CG™ 108 combines a 75° x 75° horn with an 8″ weatherproof woofer in a compact and durable enclosure. The CG 208 system is a two-way speaker system comprised of two 8” water-resistant woofers and a 1.4” titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted on a waveguide. The CG 112 boasts a 12″ Black Widow woofer, while the CG 115 is equipped with a 15″ Black Widow woofer. Both complemented by an RX™ 22 Neo 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable Quadratic-Throat Waveguide® horn, both available in 60° x 40° and 105° x 60° Coverage patterns. Finally, the CG 212S subwoofer houses two 12″ weather-proof woofers.

Installing the ClimateGuard series speakers is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly ClimateGuard Pole Mounting System, offering customizable angle adjustments and supporting installations in various locations. The new ClimateGuard series loudspeakers will be available through authorized retailers. 

MediaMatrix® Introduces nWare™ 3.0 Software Update, Raising the Bar with Enhanced Interoperability

MediaMatrix® Introduces nWare™ 3.0 Software Update, Raising the Bar with Enhanced Interoperability

MERIDIAN, Miss. — MediaMatrix® announces the official release of nWare™ 3.0, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to delivering the ultimate media configuration and control software suite. With this release, MediaMatrix expands its integrations within the Peavey Commercial Audio® product line and beyond. nWare 3.0 offers integrated compatibility with the Visionary Solutions DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, enabling real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality. The nWare 3.0 release also includes Crest Audio Tactus.Control® surface interoperability for live music control, embedded support for RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, as well as exciting updates to the award-winning MediaMatrix Kiosk2Go™ control interface software. Overall, nWare 3.0 is a powerful update that allows professionals in various industries to streamline their media workflows, providing them with advanced tools for efficient control and configuration of audiovisual content.

nWare 3.0 brings expanded compatibility to the forefront by fully supporting the new MediaMatrix SCION™ media and control processor, along with the ‘S’ series of input/output interfaces, control processors, and touchscreens. This integration provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for media configuration, offering users increased connectivity options and sophisticated control capabilities.

Another standout integration is Visionary Solutions’ DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, which enables seamless real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality within MediaMatrix nWare and Kiosk2Go. Detached real-time audio streams from the encoders are routed to the MediaMatrix systems, processed, mixed, and seamlessly routed to any output audio source without loss and in perfect synchronization with the video picture stream. Notably, nWare 3.0 also ushers in a groundbreaking update for Kiosk2Go, which now offers a HTML5-based graphical user interface available for download on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Combined, these enhancements result in unprecedented control and visibility over media streams for an immersive and interactive multimedia experience.

Expanding interoperability within the Peavey Commercial Audio family of brands, nWare 3.0 also offers seamless compatibility with Crest Audio’s Tactus.Control™ surface for live music or performance control capabilities. Users can now effortlessly manipulate audio parameters in real-time, delivering exceptional sound quality and elevating their live performances.

To further streamline operations, nWare 3.0 supports RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, adhering to MediaMatrix’s commitment to open standards. This integration facilitates seamless interoperability between MediaMatrix systems and other RAVENNA-AES67-enabled devices, allowing for enhanced flexibility and scalability in audio networking.

“We are thrilled to introduce nWare 3.0, our most advanced media configuration and control software suite to date,” said Shayne Thomas, General Manager of MediaMatrix. “With its expanded compatibility, real-time video streaming capabilities, live music control functionality, RAVENNA-AES67 support, and improved graphical user interface, nWare 3.0 sets a new standard for seamless media management and control.”

nWare 3.0 is now available for download on the MediaMatrix website. To learn more about the software suite and its features, please visit: 

Crest Audio® Debuts the PCX™ 1616 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

Crest Audio® Debuts the PCX™ 1616 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

MERIDIAN, MSCrest Audio®, a Peavey Commercial Audio® brand, introduces the PCX™ 1616 digital matrix speaker management processors. The PCX 1616 offers best-in-class processing technology supporting 32 input and 32 output channels, with 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs and 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs via the optional Dante card allowing signal to be routed in multiple configurations to meet virtually any requirement. Harnessing power and flexibility to perform loudspeaker management functions as well as matrix mixing, room combining, and other audio processing functions, the PCX 1616 is well-suited for installed and portable sound systems.

On each PCX Series processor, the crossover filters are fully adjustable, and any input can be routed to any output via the digital matrix system, allowing for any speaker management cabinet configuration.

The PCX 1616 has a 96kHz sample rate processing with an exceptionally quiet and accurate AD/DA interface (24-bit Delta Sigma) and filter response. Crest Audio’s software and advanced DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms offer professional audio-grade signal processing and control features to manage, optimize, and protect the FoH (front of house); monitor and multi-zone the speaker systems; and ensure exceptional audio signal clarity and integrity without loss or coloration.

The front panel offers quick and simple visual LED’s to indicate functioning signal paths. Alternatively, an RJ-45 Ethernet port, located at the back panel, allows for a higher-resolution graphical user interface configuration. The PCX 1616 can be controlled with the intuitive PCX Editor Software via back-panel Ethernet or front-panel USB interface. Serial control is possible via RS 232 and RS 485. A security lock feature is included.

Each input and output features 5-segment LED meters. Input features include gain, mute, HP/LP, 5-band PEQ (parametric equalizer), polarity and up to 680ms of delay. Each output features an additional 5-band PEQ, gain, compressor/limiter, polarity, delay, mute, and crossover/band-pass filters. EQ filter types include PEQ, Low-Shelf, Hi-Shelf, Low-Pass, High-Pass, All-Pass1 and All-Pass2. In addition, the PCX 1616 offers the distinctions of 5-band PEQ and phase on both input/outputs, as well as +48V phantom power, noise gate, feedback, and an Automix channel on input.

To round out the PCX 1616’s adaptability, the firmware of each processor can be field updated. Additionally, each processor provides the ability to save presets that are nameable with a descriptive text entry. Each unit has an integrated power supply accepting AC mains voltages of 95 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Rack-mountable and lightweight, at no more than 10 pounds, the PCX 1616 is designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets, wherever a reliable solution is required for loudspeaker management. 

Peavey Commercial Audio® Announces NAS Solutions as Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Peavey Commercial Audio® Announces NAS as Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio is proud to announce that NAS Solutions has been selected as the new distributor for PCA brands in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1998, NAS (National Audio Systems) is a respected distributor and wholesaler of world-class professional audio and visual brands across Australia and New Zealand. 

Pictured left to right are Shayne Thomas (General Manager, Peavey Commercial Audio), Brad Kivela (National Business Development Manager, NAS), Shane Bailey (Managing Director, NAS), and Courtland Gray (COO, Peavey Electronics) at the 2023 Integrated Systems Europe show in Barcelona.

Peavey Commercial Audio® Powers Up Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D DI Network Audio Interface

Peavey Commercial Audio® Powers Up Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D DI Network Audio Interface

MERIDIAN, MS — Audio professionals worldwide demanded it and Peavey Commercial Audio® has delivered, with the new Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D Direct Injection Network Audio Interface. The Stage 2x2D is a feature-rich DI box, PoE – Dante®/AES67 capable pro-audio A-D/D-A interface that’s powered up for virtually any performance challenge. Designed with future proof network audio streaming connectivity and supporting high-quality, low-noise extended dynamic range microphone, Line level and Hi-Z instrument pre-amplifiers, the Stage 2x2D is a rock-solid robust solution delivering audio signals without compromise, transient audio loss or acoustic artifacts.

At the minimum, a DI box converts unbalanced high-impedance signals. At the maximum, a powerfully versatile DI network audio interface goes beyond the box and maintains signal integrity while improving the utility/efficiency of the pro-audio chain. The Stage 2x2D’s versatility is what really separates this DI box from its competitors. From large arena touring events to permanent installation theaters, the Stage 2x2D makes DI signal connections fast and easy. In the studio, the 2x2D is right at home for any recording or post-production needs. On large network audio installations such as hotels, performance arts and convention centers, the Crest Audio 2x2D will reliably provide solid performance day in and day out.

The Stage 2x2D has an analog microphone input featuring a -60 to +4dBu and +24 gain range “without pads.” On the front panel, Signal Present and Peak LEDs allow for fast, accurate setup with optimal headroom (20dB at all settings) and low noise. An adjacent switch allows the user to apply +48V phantom power at the Mic input via a combo XLR/TRS 1/4 inch connector. A headphone output selection switch allows for monitoring of either the Hi-Z or Mic/Line signals. When it’s time to turn things up, the Hi-Z input is capable of being directly connected to backline amplifiers capable of accepting extremely high signal levels from 70V distributed power amplifier sound systems.. The Line input pre-amp can take the heat, operating across a continuous setting range of -40 to +24dBu, with a max of +44dBu.

The Stage 2x2D delivers on the expectations of discerning audiophiles, with professional signal levels and a 1mΩ Hi-Z/instrument input that’s ideally suited for classic guitar pickups. When the signal goes out, the Inputs, Mic/Line, or Hi-Z are converted from analog to digital and routed as a Dante or AES67 network audio stream, with two “Network Return” channels available as line level outputs.

The Stage 2x2D is PoE powered (IEEE 802.3 af/at) via a network switch or PoE injector. For convenient installation, a 1U single or dual rack mount is available and housed in a robust aluminum extruded case with recessed protected controls and connectors. Removable rubber protective “bumpers” are suitable for touring applications. 

For audio professionals who seek the world’s most robust and feature-rich network audio DI box, the Crest Audio Stage 2x2D provides flexibility, reliability, and sound integrity for the most demanding of applications. 

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