Crest Audio® Unveils Enhanced ClimateGuard™ Series Speakers for Exceptional Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions

Crest Audio® Unveils Enhanced ClimateGuard™ Series Speakers for Exceptional Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions

MERIDIAN, Miss. — Crest Audio®, a subsidiary of Peavey Electronics®, proudly announces the launch of the new ClimateGuard™ series speakers. The ClimateGuard series offers enhanced weather-resistant features, ensuring optimal sonic performance even in the most demanding climates. With their IP56 rating, the ClimateGuard series composite speakers are fully waterproof, dust-protected, and capable of withstanding high heat and extreme sun exposure, resulting in extended longevity. Offering exceptional audio quality – Nature has never sounded better.

Crafted from an advanced composite material, the ClimateGuard series enclosures possess remarkable dimensional stability even in wet conditions and remain impervious to contamination, while retaining the resonant properties of wood. The Black Hammerhead™ polyurea finish adds an additional layer of protection, akin to high-grade truck-bed liner, effectively sealing the waterproof composite cabinet panels. On the front, a stainless-steel moisture-repellent grille, equipped with a hydrophobic water-repellent cloth, ensures dual-layer performance without compromising the speaker’s sound quality. The back features a gland nut entry into the water-sealed input cup plate, guaranteeing zero leakage where the speaker cable enters.

A peek inside the ClimateGuard series reveals a conformal coated crossover assembly, where all components and the PCB are mounted with a layer of plastic coating to insulate against moisture. The speakers and optional 70/100 V transformer connections employ waterproof automotive grade connectors. The advanced technology composite fiber panels boast a resilient construction, comprising a fiberglass-resin sheet skin on both sides and a foamed resin core, safeguarding against rot or degradation caused by time or exposure to the elements. Additionally, the water-resistant woofers feature a water-repellant dust cap that can endure prolonged direct contact with water.

The ClimateGuard series speakers are available in four two-way, full-range configurations, along with a flyable subwoofer. The compact CG™ 108 combines a 75° x 75° horn with an 8″ weatherproof woofer in a compact and durable enclosure. The CG 208 system is a two-way speaker system comprised of two 8” water-resistant woofers and a 1.4” titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted on a waveguide. The CG 112 boasts a 12″ Black Widow woofer, while the CG 115 is equipped with a 15″ Black Widow woofer. Both complemented by an RX™ 22 Neo 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable Quadratic-Throat Waveguide® horn, both available in 60° x 40° and 105° x 60° Coverage patterns. Finally, the CG 212S subwoofer houses two 12″ weather-proof woofers.

Installing the ClimateGuard series speakers is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly ClimateGuard Pole Mounting System, offering customizable angle adjustments and supporting installations in various locations. The new ClimateGuard series loudspeakers will be available through authorized retailers. 

MediaMatrix® Introduces nWare™ 3.0 Software Update, Raising the Bar with Enhanced Interoperability

MediaMatrix® Introduces nWare™ 3.0 Software Update, Raising the Bar with Enhanced Interoperability

MERIDIAN, Miss. — MediaMatrix® announces the official release of nWare™ 3.0, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to delivering the ultimate media configuration and control software suite. With this release, MediaMatrix expands its integrations within the Peavey Commercial Audio® product line and beyond. nWare 3.0 offers integrated compatibility with the Visionary Solutions DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, enabling real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality. The nWare 3.0 release also includes Crest Audio Tactus.Control® surface interoperability for live music control, embedded support for RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, as well as exciting updates to the award-winning MediaMatrix Kiosk2Go™ control interface software. Overall, nWare 3.0 is a powerful update that allows professionals in various industries to streamline their media workflows, providing them with advanced tools for efficient control and configuration of audiovisual content.

nWare 3.0 brings expanded compatibility to the forefront by fully supporting the new MediaMatrix SCION™ media and control processor, along with the ‘S’ series of input/output interfaces, control processors, and touchscreens. This integration provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for media configuration, offering users increased connectivity options and sophisticated control capabilities.

Another standout integration is Visionary Solutions’ DuetE-2 Encoder and DuetD-2 Decoder, which enables seamless real-time video streaming with embedded monitoring and control functionality within MediaMatrix nWare and Kiosk2Go. Detached real-time audio streams from the encoders are routed to the MediaMatrix systems, processed, mixed, and seamlessly routed to any output audio source without loss and in perfect synchronization with the video picture stream. Notably, nWare 3.0 also ushers in a groundbreaking update for Kiosk2Go, which now offers a HTML5-based graphical user interface available for download on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Combined, these enhancements result in unprecedented control and visibility over media streams for an immersive and interactive multimedia experience.

Expanding interoperability within the Peavey Commercial Audio family of brands, nWare 3.0 also offers seamless compatibility with Crest Audio’s Tactus.Control™ surface for live music or performance control capabilities. Users can now effortlessly manipulate audio parameters in real-time, delivering exceptional sound quality and elevating their live performances.

To further streamline operations, nWare 3.0 supports RAVENNA-AES67 discovery and routing control, adhering to MediaMatrix’s commitment to open standards. This integration facilitates seamless interoperability between MediaMatrix systems and other RAVENNA-AES67-enabled devices, allowing for enhanced flexibility and scalability in audio networking.

“We are thrilled to introduce nWare 3.0, our most advanced media configuration and control software suite to date,” said Shayne Thomas, General Manager of MediaMatrix. “With its expanded compatibility, real-time video streaming capabilities, live music control functionality, RAVENNA-AES67 support, and improved graphical user interface, nWare 3.0 sets a new standard for seamless media management and control.”

nWare 3.0 is now available for download on the MediaMatrix website. To learn more about the software suite and its features, please visit: 

Crest Audio® Debuts the PCX™ 1616 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

Crest Audio® Debuts the PCX™ 1616 Digital Audio Matrix Processor

MERIDIAN, MSCrest Audio®, a Peavey Commercial Audio® brand, introduces the PCX™ 1616 digital matrix speaker management processors. The PCX 1616 offers best-in-class processing technology supporting 32 input and 32 output channels, with 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs and 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs via the optional Dante card allowing signal to be routed in multiple configurations to meet virtually any requirement. Harnessing power and flexibility to perform loudspeaker management functions as well as matrix mixing, room combining, and other audio processing functions, the PCX 1616 is well-suited for installed and portable sound systems.

On each PCX Series processor, the crossover filters are fully adjustable, and any input can be routed to any output via the digital matrix system, allowing for any speaker management cabinet configuration.

The PCX 1616 has a 96kHz sample rate processing with an exceptionally quiet and accurate AD/DA interface (24-bit Delta Sigma) and filter response. Crest Audio’s software and advanced DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms offer professional audio-grade signal processing and control features to manage, optimize, and protect the FoH (front of house); monitor and multi-zone the speaker systems; and ensure exceptional audio signal clarity and integrity without loss or coloration.

The front panel offers quick and simple visual LED’s to indicate functioning signal paths. Alternatively, an RJ-45 Ethernet port, located at the back panel, allows for a higher-resolution graphical user interface configuration. The PCX 1616 can be controlled with the intuitive PCX Editor Software via back-panel Ethernet or front-panel USB interface. Serial control is possible via RS 232 and RS 485. A security lock feature is included.

Each input and output features 5-segment LED meters. Input features include gain, mute, HP/LP, 5-band PEQ (parametric equalizer), polarity and up to 680ms of delay. Each output features an additional 5-band PEQ, gain, compressor/limiter, polarity, delay, mute, and crossover/band-pass filters. EQ filter types include PEQ, Low-Shelf, Hi-Shelf, Low-Pass, High-Pass, All-Pass1 and All-Pass2. In addition, the PCX 1616 offers the distinctions of 5-band PEQ and phase on both input/outputs, as well as +48V phantom power, noise gate, feedback, and an Automix channel on input.

To round out the PCX 1616’s adaptability, the firmware of each processor can be field updated. Additionally, each processor provides the ability to save presets that are nameable with a descriptive text entry. Each unit has an integrated power supply accepting AC mains voltages of 95 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Rack-mountable and lightweight, at no more than 10 pounds, the PCX 1616 is designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets, wherever a reliable solution is required for loudspeaker management. 

Peavey Commercial Audio® Powers Up Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D DI Network Audio Interface

Peavey Commercial Audio® Powers Up Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D DI Network Audio Interface

MERIDIAN, MS — Audio professionals worldwide demanded it and Peavey Commercial Audio® has delivered, with the new Crest Audio Stage™ 2x2D Direct Injection Network Audio Interface. The Stage 2x2D is a feature-rich DI box, PoE – Dante®/AES67 capable pro-audio A-D/D-A interface that’s powered up for virtually any performance challenge. Designed with future proof network audio streaming connectivity and supporting high-quality, low-noise extended dynamic range microphone, Line level and Hi-Z instrument pre-amplifiers, the Stage 2x2D is a rock-solid robust solution delivering audio signals without compromise, transient audio loss or acoustic artifacts.

At the minimum, a DI box converts unbalanced high-impedance signals. At the maximum, a powerfully versatile DI network audio interface goes beyond the box and maintains signal integrity while improving the utility/efficiency of the pro-audio chain. The Stage 2x2D’s versatility is what really separates this DI box from its competitors. From large arena touring events to permanent installation theaters, the Stage 2x2D makes DI signal connections fast and easy. In the studio, the 2x2D is right at home for any recording or post-production needs. On large network audio installations such as hotels, performance arts and convention centers, the Crest Audio 2x2D will reliably provide solid performance day in and day out.

The Stage 2x2D has an analog microphone input featuring a -60 to +4dBu and +24 gain range “without pads.” On the front panel, Signal Present and Peak LEDs allow for fast, accurate setup with optimal headroom (20dB at all settings) and low noise. An adjacent switch allows the user to apply +48V phantom power at the Mic input via a combo XLR/TRS 1/4 inch connector. A headphone output selection switch allows for monitoring of either the Hi-Z or Mic/Line signals. When it’s time to turn things up, the Hi-Z input is capable of being directly connected to backline amplifiers capable of accepting extremely high signal levels from 70V distributed power amplifier sound systems.. The Line input pre-amp can take the heat, operating across a continuous setting range of -40 to +24dBu, with a max of +44dBu.

The Stage 2x2D delivers on the expectations of discerning audiophiles, with professional signal levels and a 1mΩ Hi-Z/instrument input that’s ideally suited for classic guitar pickups. When the signal goes out, the Inputs, Mic/Line, or Hi-Z are converted from analog to digital and routed as a Dante or AES67 network audio stream, with two “Network Return” channels available as line level outputs.

The Stage 2x2D is PoE powered (IEEE 802.3 af/at) via a network switch or PoE injector. For convenient installation, a 1U single or dual rack mount is available and housed in a robust aluminum extruded case with recessed protected controls and connectors. Removable rubber protective “bumpers” are suitable for touring applications. 

For audio professionals who seek the world’s most robust and feature-rich network audio DI box, the Crest Audio Stage 2x2D provides flexibility, reliability, and sound integrity for the most demanding of applications. 

Peavey Commercial Audio Introduces MediaMatrix sPower Series – Smart Power Amplifiers for Constant-Voltage Applications

Peavey Commercial Audio® Introduces MediaMatrix® sPower™ Series - Smart Power Amplifiers for Constant-Voltage Applications

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio® introduces the MediaMatrix® sPower™ Series multi-channel smart power amplifiers designed for applications that require a large quantity of constant voltage output channels. The sPower Series offers seven different models of smart power amplifiers that support either 4- and 8-channel outputs at 75, 150, or 300W per channel plus a hi-power 600W/Ch x 4 option. Intelligently designed and highly efficient, sPower Series smart power amplifiers are ready to meet the most demanding of venues and environments, where power and reliability can’t be compromised.

The thoughtful design of the MediaMatrix sPower Series smart power amplifiers begin with optionally selectable 70V RMS (true 100V peak) or 100V (true 140V peak) output amplifier channels. The units offer Class-D output topology for maximum efficiency and minimal heat dissipation, resulting in excellent longevity while not requiring forced air cooling and typical service demands. Rather, the unit is cooled with a low-volume internal air-exchange system. Further helping to control power efficiency, a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) helps to regulate power supply rails, delivering full specified power regardless of A/C power conditions operating anywhere between 85 to 250V (43 to 63Hz at 2400W). Each unit has a 110Hz high-pass filter with 12dB per octave per selectable channel.

There is plenty of utility on the sPower Series back panel. The serial RS485 control port, in conjunction with the MediaMatrix nWare™ 3.0 ControlManager software suite, allows for amplifier monitoring and control. Additionally, loudspeaker loads as low as 5W rated output can be monitored. All sPower amplifiers are designed to enable the use of intelligent load limiting on the amplifier output stage, preventing over-drive and designed with protections against short circuits, overheating, over-currents, and DC over-voltage.

A unique feature to the sPower amplifiers is an automated high-power change-over relay per output channel, provides a N/O connection allowing any of the internal amplifier channels to act as a backup in case the primary amplifier channel fails. Alternatively an addition external amplifier channel to back-up the primary amplifier channel can be used for a true “n+1 redundancy” at the same output port without the need to physically change the speaker cable circuit.

Seven 2U rack mount models are available in the sPower Series; the sPower 754 and 758, respectively 4- and 8 channels offering 75W per channel; the 1504 and 1508, offering 150W per channel; the sPower 3004 and 3008, offering 300W per channel; and the sPower 6004, with Hi-Power output of 600W per 4 channel.

Ideal for venues requiring expansive high quality, energy efficient public address audio distribution, such as airports, rail networks, subway stations, retail stores, hospitality, and theme parks. The MediaMatrix sPower Series smart power amplifiers are ready to take on any integrated audio challenge.

Peavey Commercial Audio Attends 2023 Integrated Systems Europe Show

Peavey Commercial Audio Attends 2023 Integrated Systems Europe Show

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio is showing its new MediaMatrix® and Crest Audio® solutions at the 2023 Integrated Systems Europe Show, Stand 7C150. Held in Fira Barcelona, Grand Via, the show will run January 31 – February 3. 

Prospective attendees are invited to register using Peavey Commercial Audio’s registration code, LQYMYFQK, at the registration link below:

MediaMatrix releases featured at the show will include the powerful new SCION™ DSP Media and Control processor platform, sTouch™ 55 wall mount touch-screen control panel, sControl™ Nano ultra-small industry-grade network control processor, sTouch™ 7 touch-screen controller, sControl™ industrial grade network control processor, sDAB™ series networkable digital audio bridges, and the nCIE PILOT® EN54 solution. 

Crest Audio products being shown will include the Tactus digital mixing system, the new CPL+™ series of hybrid loudspeakers, and the PCX™ series of digital matrix speaker management processors. 

About Integrated Systems Europe Show 2023:

Integrated Systems Europe is the largest Audio Visual and systems integration gathering in the world. It will take place on 31 Jan – 3 Feb 2023 at the Fira de Barcelona.

Peavey Commercial Audio® Taps ETicket A/V as Southwest U.S. Distributor

Peavey Commercial Audio® Taps ETicket A/V as Southwest U.S. Distributor

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio® announces that ETicket A/V has been selected as the sales representative of PCA brands in the Southwest U.S. territory. Under the agreement, Las Vegas-based ETicket A/V will represent PCA’s product lines of MediaMatrix®, Crest Audio®, and Peavey® crossover products in a region spanning five Southwest states, including southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso Texas area. ETicket A/V will leverage existing relationships and build new ones to bolster PCA’s market position ahead of 2023.

ETicket A/V is a manufacturer representative for audio, video, lighting, and control products. The company boasts extensive knowledge and over 25 years of industry experience serving music stores, A/V rental, commercial and industrial contractors, consultants, broadcasters, and lighting professionals. PCA is targeting these verticals with recent new product launches, including Crest Audio’s PCX™ audio processors, CPL+™ Series of loudspeakers; MediaMatrix ‘S’ series of I/O interfaces, wall mount Touch-Screens and Control Panels; plus the third-generation SCION® DSP (digital signal processing) and control platform.

“ETicket A/V is very pleased to have been selected by Peavey Commercial Audio to represent Crest, MediaMatrix, and Peavey Commercial in the Southwest U.S.,” ETicket A/V Principal Jim Bowles said in a statement. “PCA has such a long and legendary history of developing and manufacturing so many outstanding products over the years, many of them absolute game-changers for the professional A/V industry. We look forward to supporting all the dealers in the Southwest U.S. and growing with PCA in the years to come.”

Beyond his leadership of ETicket A/V, Jim leads a professional networking group, Las Vegas Pro A/V Industry Group, informally known as “Beer & Gear.” The group holds a casual monthly networking event where attendees discuss A/V and industry-related equipment, with occasional opportunities to meet with sponsor manufacturers. Members include A/V end users, hotel A/V staff, local consultants, regional sound companies, and various other A/V end users.

Jim Bowles’ passion for the A/V industry is more than evident, and PCA is proud to form this representative partnership with ETicket A/V. PCA looks forward to growing its Southwest presence in more arenas, hospitality and convention spaces, live performance venues, and other outlets that require state-of-the-art pro-audio solutions.

Peavey Commercial Audio Attends 2022 PLASA Show

Peavey Commercial Audio Attends 2022 PLASA Show

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Commercial Audio is showing its new MediaMatrix® and Crest Audio® solutions at the 2022 PLASA Show, Stand B36 Held in Olympia, London, the show will run September 4-6. 

MediaMatrix releases featured at the show will include the powerful new SCION™ DSP Media and Control processor platform, sTouch™ 55 wall mount touch-screen control panel, sControl™ Nano ultra-small industry-grade network control processor, sTouch™ 7 touch-screen controller, sControl™ industrial grade network control processor, sDAB™ series networkable digital audio bridges, and the nCIE PILOT® EN54 solution. 

Crest Audio products being shown will include the Tactus digital mixing system, the new CPL+™ series of hybrid loudspeakers, and the PCX™ series of digital matrix speaker management processors. 

About PLASA Show 2022:

PLASA Show will return to Olympia London from 4-6 September 2022 to showcase all that is new, and all that is possible in Audio, AV, Lighting, Rigging and Staging. 

The market-leading seminar programme presents the works of thought-leaders and taste-makers, delving into the most prominent industry issues. Plus, visitors can take advantage of hands-on training workshops and immersive demonstrations.

The show is produced by PLASA, a global community and association serving those who work in the events, entertainment and installation industries. In addition to hosting PLASA Focus Leeds and PLASA Show in London, PLASA publishes the market-leading LSi and LS&A magazines, which deliver trustworthy content for industry professionals around the world. 

Third Generation MediaMatrix SCION DSP Launches at InfoComm 2022 Las Vegas

Third Generation MediaMatrix SCION DSP Launches at InfoComm 2022 Las Vegas

MERIDIAN, MS — MediaMatrix®, a Peavey Commercial Audio® (PCA) brand introduces SCION®, the all-new and powerful Media and Control processor. Shaping the third generation MediaMatrix offering, SCION calls upon 30 years of engineering prowess and market expertise in DSP and networked audio to deliver the most powerful media and control system available today.SCION, a descendant of the legendary MediaMatrix NION® platform, transcends its predecessor leveraging ADi’s cutting-edge SHARC® DSP architecture providing a fully scalable, configurable and flexible media and control processing system. At the heart of the new Peavey MediaMatrix ‘S’ series ecosystem – PCA announces MediaMatrix sNET™ the native AES67 media transport protocol capable of delivering up to 512×512 networked audio channels from a single device. Designed as a ‘Build it Your Way’ system, the SCION frame can be configured from an entry-level device to a fully-featured powerhouse or something in-between with optional hardware modules giving the consultant, integrator, and end-user unrivaled fit for purpose flexibility.Sharing in some strong elements of DNA with NION paves the way for backwards compatibility and convergence, allowing consultants to design system upgrades and fresh projects with the confidence of a simplified and seamless migration path thanks to NWare™ 3.0’s new dual-compiler tool enabling SCION and NION nodes to coexist in the same project. NIO™ Card-based I/O is also compatible with SCION providing welcomed continuity, quality and flexibility.SCION represents the evolution of MediaMatrix and as the meaning of its name suggests a ‘shoot’ that has taken root and continues to grow organically symbolized as a tree with branches and offshoots growing as companion control and I/O products forming to shape a rich ecosystem known as the ‘S’ series.As the world’s first digitally configured and controlled distributed audio system, MediaMatrix has grown from roots of wisdom, through decades of understanding. The launch of SCION signifies innovation in full bloom – a technology and ideal that has been nurtured over time and is ready to flex its branches to accommodate the world’s most demanding commercial audio needs.

MediaMatrix® Launches sTouch™ 55 Wall Mount Touch-Screen Control Panel

MediaMatrix® Launches sTouch™ 55 Wall Mount Touch-Screen Control Panel

MERIDIAN, MS — MediaMatrix®, a Peavey Commercial Audio® brand, introduces the sTouch™ 55 Wall Mount Touch-Screen Control Panel. Fully supported by MediaMatrix software and offering excellent connectivity through Power over Ethernet (PoE), the sTouch 55 delivers a rich graphical user interface that can be tailored to support any local control requirement and is mountable in any number of locations.

The hallmark feature of the sTouch 55 is its functional and responsive IPS LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display). This captive touch-screen produces rich colors across a 5.5-inch diagonal high-resolution 720 x 1280 pixel display and a brightness of 300 Nits. Inside the sTouch 55’s greater user experience is an RK3566 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55 processor, up to 1.8GHz, running an Android 11 operating system. The unit has 2GB DRAM operating memory with 16GB on-board storage housed in a clean-line modern design with convection air-cooling for optimal performance.

The sTouch 55 is capable of being powered over Ethernet from a single cable drop from the RJ45 Ethernet port (10/100 Ethernet connectivity) connected to a PoE capable network switch supporting IEEE 802.3at/af or equivalent power injector. Alternatively, an external universal 12-24VDC power supply can power the unit.

The sTouch 55 is fully supported by the award-winning MediaMatrix nWare™ and Kiosk2Go™ audio-video and control software suite for even greater functionality and expansion. When it comes to installing the sTouch 55, the unit offers optional in-wall-installation-supported backboxes. Both U.S. NEMA and UK Standard single-gang backbox adapter plates can be ordered separately.

An optimal solution for controlling AV sources and room features, such as lights and blinds, the sTouch 55 Wall Mount Touch-Screen Control Panel is ideal for convention halls, conference rooms, and other professional settings where ease-of-use is paramount.

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