Aurora Theater, Georgia, USA

Category: Live Venues

The Aurora Theater is known for bringing Broadway to Main Street in the Northeast Atlanta
suburb of Lawrenceville, with repertory including the classics “A Chorus Line” and “Annie
Get Your Gun,” and seasonal favorites like Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” When the
lights go up, a Peavey Commercial audio system helps the company deliver world-class
productions every night.

Housed in a modern performance theater designed as a wide, shallow room with high ceilings
and balcony, the Aurora Theater is a prime use of the Versarray™ ribbon-loaded line array. Twin
hangs of six Versarray 112 enclosures and one Versarray 218 subwoofer each flank the stage,
providing 90-degree horizontal and 15-degree vertical coverage per cabinet. The line arrays are
able to cover the substantial horizontal distance as well as target the upper seating area with
articulate, ribbon-driven sound reproduction.

MediaMatrix® NION® n3 digital signal processors serve as the brains of the audio system. The
NION units provide management and control for the Versarray, including essential functions
such as crossover and equalization, as well as assigning delay characteristics and tailoring
the response of system components to the room. A Crest Audio® HP™ Series mixing console
handles a mix of microphone inputs and auxiliary audio sources—such as high-quality sound
effects—that are stored on hard drives and other external devices.

Six Peavey® GPS® 3500 amplifiers provide power to the left mid, left sub, right mid and right
sub area of the Versarray line array system, while three Peavey GPS 1500 power amplifiers are assigned to
the high frequencies. In addition, a trio of Peavey Sanctuary Series® SA-4200™ power amps with
built-in Auto Delay technology help set the proper delay time for the balcony fills, and deliver
audio to public areas such as lavatories and stairways. The theater also uses a pair of Peavey
PR® 15 enclosures as stage fills and a 16FX™ mixer in a rehearsal room.