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  • Up to eight panels on a single X-Frame™ 88
  • Up to 32 on NION® & Frame-based MM Series MediaMatrix systems
  • RS-485 multi-drop network
  • Easy wiring & installation
  • Configurable controls
  • Attractive cosmetic packages
  • Flexible
  • Addressable
  • Tracking controls for multiple locations
  • Bus or local power supply options
  • Low power requirements
  • Four programmable "virtual" knob controls with visual postion and function status LEDs
  • Includes five #6 spade lugs, terminating resistor, and manual
  • Programmable functions
  • One-gang NEMA mount
  • Rotary control assignable to four functions
  • LEDs indicate button function
  • Label space for customization
  • Requires an external 12V DC power supply (not included).
  • Compatible with the X-Frame 88, all NIONs, and all Miniframes and Mainframes with the use of an RS-232 converter (not inlcuded).
  • Quantity discounts are available


The XControl® 4L is a standard NEMA 1G flush-mount panel with programmable controls for use with MediaMatrix audio processing products. The 4L can be configured for a large variety of uses. From basic control over audio levels to multiple channels of equalization control, the 4L is a perfect companion. Like the 4x4, the 4L's rotary controls can be tracked across multiple locations. Creating control across large installations has never been easier. Add NWare™ and MWare™'s logic functionality to the mix and the sky is the limit.

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