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Our 32-bit multifaceted MWare™ operating software is comprised of four applications in one. It is a high-level audio DSP programming language, system design software, system control/networking software, and DSP diagnostic software, making MWare the most powerful digital audio software on the market today.

MWare comes standard with hundreds of audio devices ready to use. If you don't see what you need, you can create your own audio devices using MediaMatrix primitive devices.

Minimum Operating Requirements: Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 (or higher) or Windows 98 (for View file development and remote control only) or Windows 2000/XP

(Windows 95 not supported or recommended)

32MB RAM minimum for MWare. Space required for install (from this file): 100.5MB (Zip + Temp Files + Installed Files) Space required after Installation: 81.4MB (Zip + Installed Files)

Steps to installing or upgrading to MWare 3.3.5

  1. Shut Down any version of MWare that may be running. Setup will abort if MWare or RAMM are running

  2. Uninstall any versions of MWare earlier than 3.2a.

  3. Install MWare 3.3.5. If you have already installed MWare 3.2a or higher, this setup will upgrade the installation to 3.3.5 Choose:

Single File Setup (21.3 MB) April 14, 2004

  1. Restarting MWare, you will notice that the version shown is now 3.3.5

NOTE: Changes to MWare 3.x are noted in the MediaMatrix 3x Release Notes


  • ControlMatrix Devices (for designing CM View files) (info)
  • Support for the DSP-CNII card
  • Supports Windows XP "Luna" styles (in XP only)
  • Hundreds of audio processing devices
  • CobraNet™ device support
  • Control grouping
  • Boolean logic devices
  • Telnet support
  • Remote Access MediaMatrix using TCP/IP
  • Command line scripting
  • New probe devices
  • Frequency and phase plots
  • Gain sharing automatic mic mixers
  • NexSys integration
  • SMAART™ integration
  • Support for Next Generation Break-Out-Boxes MM™-8802
  • PageMatrix II Devices included
  • Feedback Ferret - Acoustic Feedback Eliminator
  • kosmos - Audio enhancement device
  • Full-Time Ambient Level Control (No more waiting for Gaps!) (info)
  • MotoCross Automatic Crossfader (info)
  • Crossfading Routers (info)
  • Pitch Shift (info)
  • Reverb (info)
  • Vocal Eliminator (for Karaoke applications) (info)
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