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  • NEW! Now Works with NION!!!
  • NEW! Now supports up to 250 stations and up to 250 paging zones
  • NEW! Supports new RealSpeak high quality Text-to-Speech technology
  • NEW! New Unicode support for non-western language applications
  • TAPC Protocol: Next Generation FIDS integration (see protocol doc)
  • Support for 'default gateway' address for using multiple IP subnets
  • Networked System Interlinking: Link multiple head-ends for seamless paging!
  • Client Access Logging
  • Optional PIN Number via Telephone Paging Unit access
  • User configurable page timeout
  • Optional page protection by priority: Pages are replayed if interrupted by a higher priority page
  • Support for TPU2 & TPU4 (2 and 4 port telephone paging units)


This is the new version of ControlMatrix®. This is a full install, meaning that it formats the hard drive and installs a fresh default 4.1 installation. Only works with Q-Host hardware. This is a self-extracting ISO CD image.

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