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The Octopower is a commercial multi-channel power amplifier designed for fixed installation in integrated systems. The Octopower includes nine discreet power amplifier channels, each with 50 watts of full bandwidth power into a 4-ohm load. Any combination of two amplifier channels can be bridged for multiple configurations. In its maximum bridged configuration, the Octopower provides one 50-watt channel at 4 ohms and four 100-watt channels at 8 ohms. Also included is a powerful Fault Contact feature with high-current Form C contacts. The Fault Contacts can be used for switching alarm and supervisory systems. All connections are located on the rear panel, and a removable AC power cable is included. Audio level control is recessed and located on the rear panel for tamper-resistant installation. Front-panel features include visual monitoring of fault status and audio levels for all nine channels. The Octopower also features forced-air cooling and is built into a standard 2RU EIA package designed for rack mounting. The Octopower is compatible with MediaMatrix® systems.


  • Nine discreet audio power amplifiers
  • Balanced line level inputs
  • 50 watts RMS at 4 ohms per channel (x9)
  • Bridgeable
  • Forced-air cooling
  • Recessed rear-panel level controls
  • Visual front-panel power status LED
  • Front-panel fault monitoring
  • Rear-panel high current fault contacts (Form C)
  • Heavy duty CRS construction
  • 2RU EIA rack package
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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