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The new Elements™ 115C 60X 40 and Elements™ 115C 105X60 loudspeaker systems from Peavey® provide unparalleled flexibility for permanent outdoor installations. A rotatable horn section allows the same cabinet to provide a coverage pattern that is broad in either the horizontal dimension, or the vertical dimension relative to the cabinet face.

The Elements™ 115C series systems are a two-way speaker system comprised of a 15” Water-Resistant Black Widow® woofer and an RX22™ 2” titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn utilizing Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology.

The Elements™ 115C series systems have a trapezoidal shaped enclosure, which reduces the build-up of standing waves inside the enclosure, which minimizes mid-bass and mid-range coloration’s due to the cabinet. They are constructed of 12mm advanced technology composite fiber panels, and are coated with a black Hammerhead™ poly-urea finish. An 18 gauge powder-coated perforated stainless-steel metal grille with an inner hydro-phobic cloth mesh, and a foam third layer protects the front of the system from external moisture and dust. A full set of twelve 3/8"X16 threaded mounting suspension points, 3 each top and bottom, and 2 each sides & back is provided for flying and mounting, as well as three sets of 4) 1/4X20 SS inserts, the sets are located on the top, rear, and bottom for use with the Peavey® Versamount™ 70+ and the Peavey® Elements™ Pole Mount bracket.


  • Two-Way Outdoor Fully-Weatherized Speaker System
  • Enclosure is made of advanced technology composite fiber panels
  • Triple-layer perforated SS moisture-repellant grille
  • Water-Resistant Black Widow® woofer with 1000 watt program rating
  • 2” diaphragm, 1” exit, Ferrofluid equipped RX22™ compression driver
  • Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™
  • Rotatable horn section for widest coverage of the horizontal OR vertical
  • Controlled dispersion patterns: either 60 by 40 degrees, or 105 by 60 degrees
  • Versatile suspension provisions: 3/8” eyebolts or VM70 bracket or Pole Mount
  • Externally selectable Indoor/Outdoor EQ settings
  • Excellent power handling capabilities
  • All external hardware is Stainless Steel
  • Cabinet coated in black Hammerhead™ poly-urea finish
  • Weather-sealed input cup cover with gland nut
  • 70 Volt transformer option available, easily upgraded in the field
  • Overall system weatherization rating of: IP56

Specifications subject to change

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