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MediaMatrix® Debuts Nion® Ne, Releases Major Updates to Nware, Next Generation ControlmatrixII Paging Hardware, Software and More

May 26, 2010

MediaMatrix by Peavey debuts exciting advances in products at InfoComm 2010 including the eagerly awaited NION nE, a powerful DSP platform in the tradition of the legacy NION products that is designed for cost-efficiency and mid-market applications. MediaMatrix also announces a major update to nWare, Control Matrix II hardware and software, and two new additions to the CAB (Configurable Audio Bridge) product lines.

The new Nion nE opens the power and flexibility of nWare to a broader market segment by lowering the cost of entry to more designers and contractors. The expanded capabilities of nWare to now handle more control applications will also allow users to design and implement more advanced system control capabilities in the familiar and flexible nWare environment without the expense of additional consultants and hardware/software packages. (Specifications are available in separate expanded release.)
nWare 1.6.0 
In direct response to customer demand, MediaMatrix by Peavey has announced a major milestone in the development and capability of nWare, the proprietary software for controlling all MediaMatrix NION Digital Signal Processors and peripherals. The latest version 1.6.0 upgrades the "User Devices" feature to allow users to create their own custom plug-ins. In addition, MediaMatrix announces next generations of ControlMatrix Paging hardware and software, as well as developments in other input/output and nControl products. This follows the recent announcement of a lower-cost Nion nE, bringing the powerful DSP platform to a broader array of designers and contractors.

The nWare plug-in feature will bring fundamental changes to the usefulness, flexibility, and portability, allowing users to combine signal processing, control, images and live  Python code to create and store custom devices that can then be easily imported, exported and managed. Another important feature of the latest version is "Live Python," a new way to create and use Python code on running systems that is easy to modify, test and edit without the need to re-deploy nWare projects.

ControlMatrix II
MediaMatrix announces the next generation of the ControlMatrix paging hardware and software system. The new hardware system, named ControlMatrix Host, integrates seamlessly with MediaMatrix nWare, and supports all existing paging station hardware. The platform can be designed into paging systems as a centralized, distributed or hybrid system, supporting up to 16 paging stations per host. As well, the next generation of ControlMatrix software provides even more power, and multiple combinations of system architecture are possible for supporting hundreds of audio inputs and outputs.

ControlMatrix™ Host is designed for transportation, convention, theme park and industrial paging applications. Based on an embedded Windows host controller, it provides complete system management for multiple live, pre-recorded and dynamic delay, stack, store and forward messaging and paging functions. With support for hundreds of remote paging stations, ControlMatrix includes high-level network interface for all types of third-party control and data systems.

nWall ?CN Series Wall Mounted Cobranet I/O Modules
MediaMatrix is pleased to introduce the nWall-CN series wall-mounted Cobranet Input/Output modules. The nWall series is designed as a self-contained two channel Cobranet input or output module, accepting both mic and line level inputs via a pair of balanced XLRs . The modules can be mounted in a standard two-gang NEMA box, and include a user selectable gain control switch. Both input and output modules are PoE (Powered over Ethernet).

MediaMatrix introduces an update to the venerable CAB16o Configurable Audio Bridge. The new CAB16o provides sixteen analog audio outputs converted from Cobranet with an adjustable output sensitivity range of +6dBu and +24dBu. The new design retains the space-saving one rack unit chassis, and serves as a drop-in replacement for the existing CAB16o, built with latest generation components and supporting nWare and mWare installations.

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