MediaMatrix MWare

The MWare software, provided as part of the Peavey MediaMatrix System, allows you to design and create sound systems on the computer screen.  The program operates under all 32-bit versions Microsoft Windows (9x, Me, NT4, 2000, XP).  This help file assumes a basic knowledge of the operation of Windows.  For more information on using Windows, consult the Microsoft Windows help file.

Windows Compatibility

See System Requirements for current windows compatibility.

Software Installation

MediaMatrix is shipped with the system software already installed on the computers hard disk. If you must install the software yourself the following process is required.  Turn on the computer, boot the frame and place the MediaMatrix 3.x CD ROM into the CD-ROM drive. The installation program should start automatically.  After installing the software please refer to the Appendix section of your owners manual on Setup to properly configure the hardware.

The Setup Program

MediaMatrix has a setup program that supports selective install and un-install.  The setup program installs itself to the installation directory and creates an icon for itself on the start menu, and in the Control Panel in the Add/Remove Programs applet.  You can run Setup from this icon should you want to remove or repair the MWare files on your drive.